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Zhejiang Lianzhan Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded in 2008 , professionally specialized in manufacturing and exporting 1/4" Phone Jacks, Audio Jacks, XLR Connectors, XLR Audio Combo Jack, SpeakOn Connector, Powercon Connector and RCA Jack etc. Mainly served in the fields of Mixers, Sound Console, Guitar Amplifiers, Audio Video and Stage Lighting Related.

Pls find our hot products info as below: ( XLR Chassis Panel Mount Socket Connectors, SpeakOn Connectors and 6.35mm Headphone Jack )

1) Lianzhan XLR Chassis Panel Mount Socket Connectors are made of high quality plastic and metal material, it has good conduction and stable performance. 3-Pin XLR Chassis Connectors are the most common style at present, and it's an industry standard for balanced Audio signals. 5-Pin XLR Connector, usually it is used for DC Power in Audio equipment.

2) Lianzhan Audio SpeakOn Connector is designed with a locking system that may be designed for soldered or screw-type connections. SpeakOn Connectors are made in Two, Four and Eight-pole configurations. And SpeakOn Connectors are similar with PowerCon Connector.

3) Lianzhan Audio 6.35mm (1⁄4 inch) Phone Jack are common on home and professional component equipment. Headphone Jack has 6.35mm, 3.5mm and 2.5mm.

We have quality control from raw material to the final product to ensure the best quality. We do 100% quality control on any product ;100% customer satisfaction is our goal. We do fast delivery and never delaying shipping for the agreed orders. Of course, all our items are also accord with ROHS standard. Our business philosophy : "Quality First! Customers First! Credit First!"

Above all, we are one of grey hair in this field, so OEM & ODM are welcome here!

We are making great efforts to achieve win-win situation and sincerely welcome you to join us. Any question, pls feel free to contact us via email directly : lianwoo@cnlianzhan.com

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Our Team

We strive for excellence in everyday interactions!

The international team of LIANZHAN is a team of professional and responsible young people (age ranges from 30-45 year-old) with their own expertise areas and strengths.

Our team consists of people with different backgrounds, and personalities. This combination makes it a strong team who will always collaborate to find ways to bundle each other’s strengths to the benefit of the customer. What they all have in 55common is that they are all passionate about the audio field they are in currently.

  • Wenshen Lian (Mr.)

    (Founder & CEO)

    The founder and CEO of LIANZHAN ,. which he started from family workshop in 2008. During the company’s early years, Mr. Lian is as the sole head engineer and lead the production line and sales channel . In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved in many departments of the company that he had previously run himself. Mr. Lian is Effective leader and has unique vision for company’s development, with over 20-year’s experience in audio video manufacturing. Mr. Lian holds the bachelor’s degree in electronic manufacturing from Wenzhou University.
  • Weiping Zhang (Mrs.)

    (CFO & VP)

    Mrs. Zhang is the Vice Manager and Chief Financial Officer, leading the company’s financial and corporate development functions. She has more than 15 years of financial and operations experience at electronic and electrical companies. Mrs. Zhang graduated from the Xiamen University with expertise in accounting.
  • Lian Woo (Ms.)

    (International Marketing Sales Director)

    Ms. Woo is in charge of international market sales in LIANZHAN, whom has strong personality, and ability to make quick and right decision for different customers’ requirement; whom has the knowledge of negotiation theory and practices and ability to work with all sales channels; whom has better understanding of the trade rules, business process rules and the knowledge of products ; Whom has over 9 year’s experience in international sales and customers development. Ms. Woo masters the language of English & Japanese and gets the bachelor’s degree in Business English from University.
  • Sheng Guan (Mr.)

    (Senior Product Engineering)

    Mr. Guan is the Senior Product Engineer of LIANZHAN, whom is mainly in charge of designs products and coordinates the manufacturing process for the products to ensure productivity and safety; whom has strong ability to evaluate the product prototype to identity potential safety hazards and adjust the design flaws; whom is good at coordinating with the product development team to finalize product ideas. Mr. Guan began his engineering career since 2001. He received the B.S. in electronic engineering from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.
  • Shigui Wang (Mr.)

    (Chief Product Officer)

    As the Chief Product Officer of LIANZHAN, Mr. Wang oversees the product organization, which encompasses Product Management and Product Design. Prior to joining LIANZHAN, Mr. Wang spent 15 years in the audio field in Designing and creative audio jacks. Mr Wang has the B.S. in designing and computer engineering at Chongqing University.
  • Xiaohong Li (Mrs.)

    (Production Manager)

    Mrs. Li is the Production Manager of LIANZHAN, who is in charge of production planning, production control, quality control ,method analysis and work measurement. Mrs. Lian has excellent knowledge of AutoCAD Software, construction drawings and be able to work closely with our team members to produce high-quality drawings for the audio industry. She is well-versed in manufacturing and machine operations,as well as passionate about managing and motivating a large production force. Mrs. Li has 12-year experience in audio video manufacturing.
  • Lingling Zhao (Ms.)

    (Chief People Officer)

    As Chief People Officer, Ms. Zhao leads LIANZHAN’s People team, where she is responsible for the company’s talent and culture. She oversees human resources, people operations, talent acquisition & development, facilities & workplace services, employee experience, and diversity & inclusion. Ms. Zhao has 10+ years of experience leading People functions in electronic and electrical companies. Ms. Zhao earned her Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Zhejiang University.
  • Our Activities

    On 27th of Oct of 2020, Zhejiang Lianzhan Electronics Co., Ltd. organized an Employee Outdoor Outreach Event.

    In the morning, all our employees were divided into 18 convoys and set off to “ Huang Tan Cave”, which is scenic and historic village.
    Huang Tan Cave was located in the mountains of ZhongYanDang, because of the inconvenient traffic, it has not been over-exploited, the whole village still maintains its original appearance.
    Huang Tan Village are built of stone from the surrounding mountains, with clear streams passing through the village on both sides, plus the tall stone walls on the north and south sides of the ancient city are like natural barriers, guarding the village of Huang sandalwood cave, as if there is a feeling of worldly peaches.

    After reaching at Huang Tan Cave, we took a break and visited the nearby attractions.

    After visiting the nearby attractions,  we were dined at the village farm

    village farm (1)
    village farm (3)
    village farm (2)

    We had a rest after lunch.....
    The next is the expansion of the activities, this participation in the expansion of a total of 80 people, respectively, composed of 4 teams, instructors limited to 10 minutes each group of team design team name, team flag, slogan. NO.1 Blue Team; NO.2 Flag of Winning Team; NO.3 Leap Team; NO.4 The Elves Team

    activities (5)
    activities (4)
    activities (2)
    activities (3)
    activities (1)

    First activity: Three people with four fee.

    Rules of the game: Each team sends three groups of players, one for each of the three
    How to play: Each group of players tied their calves together with a cloth strip, required to be tied to the ankles and calves near the knee area, standing way to start, the whistle sounded after the three started at the same time, the team reached the end in the shortest time to win.


    The second activity: the clamp balloon

    Each group also sent three teams, each team of 4 people in a queue, each team member before and after the middle of a balloon, during the race balloon is not allowed to be fixed by hand, drop must return to the starting point to start again.


    The third activity: a "tug-of-war" .

    Each team will send a team of 12 players to participate.

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    Through this expansion,not only we’ll fully appreciate the cohesion of the team and team integration, but also enhance the spirit of team cooperation, after a stressful work, all employees are well relaxed.