5 Cult-Favorite Headphone Jack Products You Should Know

We (Lianzhan Electronics) professionally focus on manufacturing 6.35 phone jacks, 3.5mm jack, xlr connectors, speakon connectors,audio combo jacks,rca jacks etc.

Panel Mount 6 Pin 1/4″ 6.35mm Audio Female Jack Mono Headphone jack

Well, today, we would like to talk about one of our fist product - 6.35mm headphone socket connector. Our daily shipment mount is about 400k-600K PCS for this audio jack series per day. We would like to introduce our TOP 5 Old customers mostly like to purchase as below.

Of course, the model CK-6.35-302-3P will come to the first.  This 6.35MM STEREO FEMALE JACK SOCKET  3PIN AUDIO HEADPHONE PANEL MOUNT CONNECTOR JACK ,account for 60% daily and monthly shipment amount.


The second popular model is CK-6.35-630 AUDIO JACK 5PIN 6.35MM SOCKET CONNECTOR ,we support different body color,such as black, blue, at the same time, we support the different pin designs. So Customer can have different choices according to their PCB design.

6.35mm audio jack

The model CK-6.35-656 METAL JACK 3PIN FEMALE STEREO SOCKET comes to the thirdly, it can be widely used for guitars, effect pedals etc.all metal hcousing madce of brass copper with nickle plated finish.


The fourth popular audio jack is CK-6.35-644-6P 6PIN FEMALE AUDIO VIDEO STEREO JACK, it is 1/4 Inch 6.35mm Female Panel Mount type, mostly applied to guitar, audio, video, sound system etc. All material we used is accord with Rohs standard.

6.35mm audio jack

The last popuar model is CK-6.35-635-6P PANEL MOUNT 1/4″ 6.35MM AUDIO FEMALE JACK.One end is wiring port for connecting the input power line or soft cable. And the other end is arranged in the insulating base for computer monitor normal operation.

Female Panel Mount Phone Jack Connector

But beside the above 5 models , we have over 200models of 6.35mm audio video jack connecotrs for your choice. Should any question or request, you are always welcome to reach us anytime.

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Post time: Dec-18-2021