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  • Advantages of XLR interface

    Advantages of XLR interface

    The XLR interface, commonly known as the Cannon, is completely different from the RCA (lotus interface) analog audio cable that directly transmits sound. A Balanced Analog Audio interface uses two channels to transmit the same signal but opposite phases. The receiving device subtracts the two set...
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  • What is an XLR connector and its advantages

    What is an XLR connector and its advantages

    XLR connectors are electrical connectors, which are mainly used in professional audio-visual electronic wiring APP applications, such as stage microphones and other analog audio equipment. A relative home audio/video device that uses RCA connectors. Typically three wires or pins are used, but oth...
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  • PowerCon Connector Panel Mount Socket

    PowerCon Connector Panel Mount Socket

    PowerCON Connector is an electrical connector manufactured by Neutrik for connecting mains power to equipment in a small space. It looks and works similarly to the SpeakOn Connector, with the line connector inserted in the Chassis Connector and twisted to make contact an...
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