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I haven’t heard of Victrix until recently, and it turns out that it is an engineering and design company, hoping to create the best accessories for e-sports professionals, gamers, and anchors. If you ask me, this seems to be quite a daunting task. However, when I was asked to review the Victrix Gambit wireless headphones, I was absolutely happy to see the products provided by the San Diego company. It turns out that Victrix Gambit looks and sounds great, but if it’s more expensive, it would be great.
If you are a fan of purple, put on those rocket boots and get ready to take off. Victrix Gambit works out of the box. Of course, it uses a more old-school design with actual knobs and a detachable microphone, but it is still a very sexy headset. Its all-black frame has purple highlights throughout, including the stitching on the vegan leather earmuffs, and even along the length of the microphone itself. Both are good contacts.
Victrix Gambit is lightweight, but durable and has just the right amount of flexibility, so you don’t need to spend hours disassembling it. The build quality is high. In addition to the usual height adjustments, it also allows more lateral adjustments. So thankfully, anyone with a wide head can wear it for a long time. In other words, people with glasses or large ears may not find leather earmuffs comfortable during long gaming sessions.
On the left earphone, you will find a power button, a variable and flexible flip microphone (you can bend it in any direction without worrying about damaging it) and a mode button. This mode button will not affect your gaming experience, but it does provide three different voice monitoring options: low, high, or no voice monitoring. This is entirely your personal preference when you want to hear your own voice when chatting with your friends. This left earphone also has a battery charger and earphone jack. The right earphone has only one thing: a voice dial. You will definitely notice the volume difference here, but Victrix Gambit does not allow you to break the eardrum from the maximum volume level. I think this is a responsible move made here. In addition, with the noise reduction function, it actually amplifies all the sounds inside.
The battery life of Victrix Gambit is up to 16 hours, which is about average. Thankfully, you have two options before the battery runs out. The first is to plug in a sufficient 6-foot cable to convert the headset into a wired headset, and the second is to use a Micro-USB charger to provide more juice for it. I hope this charger is the newer USB-C that dominates the market, especially because most of my other devices use it, but fortunately, this Micro-USB is included in the headset. This is just a small thing in its grand plan, but considering that this is a new headset, it’s a bit surprising. However, I do like the ability to change Victrix Gambit to a wired headset in an instant. No extra trouble is needed there. When you are in a shootout, this is exactly what you want.
The smooth, undisturbed gaming experience is also transferred to the voice of Victrix Gambit. Although the microphone is not the best, its two-way noise reduction capability can well establish clear communication between you and your teammates. Leather earmuffs provide an almost complete noise reduction experience. Most importantly, you can accurately find sounds of similar size, which is great no matter what game you jump into. Need to hear the footsteps in “Call of Duty Pioneer”? What is the acceleration of all vehicles in Forza Horizon 5? Victrix Gambit can handle all this easily. This is where the headset really shines.
Unfortunately, when you hear heavy noise in the bass, it overwhelms all other sounds, and you lose the pint point of accuracy that makes this headset a first-class headset. Victrix Gambit will benefit from additional software to help with fine-tuning. Heck, even an EQ button can solve some of these problems. Sadly, none of these is an option. They need to do this, especially for $129.
Victrix Gambit is a good headset overall. It has excellent noise cancellation, very accurate sound, and very comfortable. It’s just not enough at its price point to provide the e-sports experience it intends to achieve. Simple and clear, although this may become a good headset in the long run, the market is flooded with headsets that cost less than $100, and they are just out-of-the-box.

Post time: Dec-17-2021