Advantages of XLR interface

The XLR interface, commonly known as the Cannon, is completely different from the RCA (lotus interface) analog audio cable that directly transmits sound. A Balanced Analog Audio interface uses two channels to transmit the same signal but opposite phases. The receiving device subtracts the two sets of signals, and the interference signal is canceled, thereby obtaining a high-quality analog signal. This connector consists of three contacts, which are 1-ground ground; 2-hot end (+ grade); 3-cold end (-grade), of course, some equipment stipulates that 3 is hot end (+ grade); 2 is the cold end (-level), please see the instruction manual of the equipment clearly
XLR connectors are the most widely used connectors in professional audio systems and can be used to transmit various audio signals in audio systems. Typically, balanced input and output terminals are connected via XLR connectors. In a sense, the use of XLR connectors is also one of the features that distinguish professional audio systems from civil audio systems. Its advantages are:
A. If the balanced transmission method is adopted, the ability to resist external interference is strong, which is conducive to long-distance transmission (not more than 100m).
b. With spring locking device, the connection is reliable and not easy to fall off.
C. The connector specifies the signal flow direction, which is convenient to prevent connection errors.
XLR plugs are divided into male and female plugs, and sockets are also divided into male and female sockets. Male contacts are pins, while female contacts are jacks. According to international practice, the signal output terminal adopts male plug or male socket; female plug and socket are used for signal input.

Post time: Sep-08-2022