How to install the cable connector

1. The cable connector can be disassembled and installed according to the number on the cable connector.

2. Detach one end of the cable, then nail it to the nail plate of the cable connector, expose it in the middle of 20 cm to 30 cm, and place the exposed part diagonally, in the middle of 30 to 40 degrees.

3. At this time, use their sealant to seal the connection in the middle of the cable connector (to avoid leakage when working in rainy or humid environments). After wiping, let it dry (generally, the sealant can dry completely in two to three hours). After the sealant dries, the back cover of the connector (watch out for the gasket and sealing ring).

4. Clean their cable connectors with a copper brush. In general, copper shavings and insulating sleeves should be removed from cable connectors. Avoid short circuits or risky situations.

5. The electrical conductor components inside their cable connectors. The external lightning protection components are connected correspondingly with the internal structural components, and the assembly is accurate (that is, the assembly order also needs to be carried out in the above order).

6. Assemble their inner slots on the cable connectors and finally inflate him. Inject a certain amount of dry gas. Keep the standard air pressure inside above 90%.

Post time: Aug-06-2022