Pixel 6a dummy confirmed to display fingerprint reader, without 3.5 mm headphone jack

Pixel 6a is rumored to use an older sensor, but it will use the new camera strip design of the flagship Pixel 6 series. We saw this in the 3D rendering, and now the same situation can be seen in the aluminum dummy with some additional details.
This kind of dummy is used to make molds for boxes and other accessories. Correct alignment is very important. You can see the camera bar, just like the vanilla Pixel 6, with two cameras on the left and an LED flash on the right. According to reports, these cameras will use older sensors, the main module is 12.2 MP IMX363, and the ultra-wide module is 12 MP IMX355.
Flip to the front, the selfie camera seems to be punching. However, Fathom Bracelets and @xleaks7, who posted this vulnerability, warned that Pixel 6a may have “very thick bezels” (it’s not that the bezels on Pixel 6 are particularly thin).
Also pay attention to the concave circle on the screen, that should be the in-display fingerprint reader. All Pixel a phones have a rear fingerprint reader, so this will be the first in the series. On the old model, this was taken as a cost-cutting measure, because the flagship Pixels went all out for facial scan authentication.
This shows that the Pixel 6a will be more beautiful than the previous a model. According to reports, it will use the same Tensor chipset as the flagship model, and the previous Pixel a phone has never surpassed the Snapdragon 765G. Therefore, even with older camera sensors, the image quality may improve due to the increase in digital processing capabilities.
As can be seen from the renderings and the photos of the metal dummy, Pixel 6a will be another first in the series-it will be the first to omit the 3.5 mm headphone jack.
There are currently rumors that the Pixel 6a will be unveiled in August, and it will be equipped with a 6.2-inch OLED display (making it more compact than the Pixel 6), as well as 6/8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. Given the chipset, it should also have 5G connectivity. Of course, there are still several months from now to August, and some rumored specifications may change in the process.
Yes, just forgot to mention this-I am satisfied that the manufacturer no longer gives us headphones in the box, even if it is a scum move, but after giving up the headphone jack and then not even giving the adapter, they should give us wireless……
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Post time: Dec-17-2021