PowerCon Connector Panel Mount Socket

PowerCON Connector is an electrical connector manufactured by Neutrik for connecting mains power to equipment in a small space. It looks and works similarly to the SpeakOn Connector, with the line connector inserted in the Chassis Connector and twisted to make contact and lock. Both line and Chassis Connectors are fully insulated even when disconnected. The main advantages of the PowerCON Connector are high current capacity in a small space and locking action.

Lianzhan PowerCon Connector is a lockable 3 pole equipment connector with contacts for line, neutral, and premating safety grounds. It's rated at 20A 250V AC. Color coded for easy identification, PowerCon offers power-in (blue) and power-out (grey) versions with different keying to avoid the possibility of intermating.

Lianzhan's PowerCon Connectors have two Type. The type A is blue and used for power sources (power flows out of a blue-ended cable, into a chassis socket). The type B is grey and used for power drains (power flows from a chassis socket into a grey-ended cable). Couplers are available with one chassis socket of each type mounted on the ends of a plastic tube to extend cables.

What's the difference between PowerCon Connector and SpeakOn Connector ? First, SpeakOn Connectors have 2 or 4 Pin, and PowerCon Connector only have 3 Pins. Second, the PowerCON Connectors have the agency approvals for mains use, but Speakon Connector doesn't have. Third, PowerCon Connector is right angle panel, but SpeakOn Connector is straight line panel.

About PowerCon Connector application, Lianzhan PowerCon Connectors used in Audio Video Equipment, Amplifier, Speaker, PowerAmp, Power Mixer and Stage Sound Lighting etc. It also can be used as power supply for industrial applications with the advantage of its locking system in comparison to standard non locking main connectors.

Pls kindly find attached PowerCon Connector and SpeakOn Connector as below:


PowerCon Female Connector


PowerCon Speaker Connector


PowerCon Male Connector


Audio SpeakOn Connector


SpeakOn Female Connector


Amplifier SpeakOn Connector

Post time: Jul-01-2021